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1 excite suddenly and intensely; "The news electrified us"
2 charge (a conductor) with electricity
3 equip for use with electricity; "electrify an appliance" [syn: wire] [also: electrified]electrified See electrify

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  1. Powered by electricity.


  1. past of electrify

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This article is about electrification. For the Dressy Bessy Album, see Electrified (Album). For the Pink Cream 69 album see Electrifed
Electrification refers to the modification of a system so that it operates using electricity.

Electric grid

A more specific usage of the word refers to the act or process of building the necessary infrastructure to supply electric power to homes and businesses, especially in rural and isolated areas or the changeover of a railway from in the past steam locomotives, but now most often diesel-powered locomotives to electric locomotives. The infrastructure required for electrification includes power plants, long haul transmission lines, substations and shorter distribution lines to the end user.


One of the largest electrification projects was the GOELRO plan, adopted in 1920 and fulfilled in 1931 in the USSR.
In the United States, widespread rural electrification began with the establishment of the Rural Electric Administration (REA) in 1935 and its associated local Rural Electric Cooperatives.

Electrification pioneers

Electrification of transportation

Electrification of transportation is the use of hybrid and electric vehicles instead of all-petroleum vehicles.
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